Introducing TOCA Smart Targets

TOCA’s new ground-breaking technology has arrived! The TOCA Smart Targets will elevate your cognitive awareness to the highest level, with an even more realistic and game-based environment.

Each Smart Target consists of a 4′ x 4′ interactive soccer goal with lateral LED lights controlled by the TOCA Trainer. As Eddie said, “The Smart Targets perfectly complement the TOCA Touch Machine, achieving TOCA’s full feedback training system.”

Here is how the Smart Targets work:

1. The player scans their surroundings to identify the lighted Smart Targets.

2. As the TOCA Touch Machine releases the ball, the player receives it towards the lighted Smart Target and tries to score with a pass or a shot within a time limit.

 3. If the player takes too long to score, the Smart Target will switch off, urging the player to accelerate their game.

4. The player quickly returns to the starting point, preparing for the next ball.

This new technology strives for excellence. It will encourage you to make quicker decisions, improve your speed of play and perfect your ball control and accuracy.

Track your Progress

Additionally, you will be able to track your progress on the studio’s screen as you are performing. Your total score will be displayed, as well as all the goals scored on every Smart Target. So get ready to compete and play hard in your next TOCA Training session!

TOCA for All

TOCA Training is made for all. With the Smart Targets, professional players, youngsters and fans can all have fun and improve their soccer skills with this entertaining and unique experience. We care deeply about you, and we want you to have the time of your life on every visit.

At TOCA, we are consistently creating awesome experiences by innovating and modernizing your soccer training. We will continue to provide you with the best soccer technology in the world, so let’s grow together and help you #FindYourBest

See the Smart Targets in action!

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