The Key to Development

The best Players in the world train with a plan – a roadmap for how to meet their goals. The TOCA Player Pathways is your personalized plan towards Finding Your Best.

Your Player’s Plan

Pathways are a focused and efficient approach to player development. They encourage a growth mindset for our players, which means mistakes are embraced so growth can happen.

Every Pathway begins – and progresses – where your Player currently is in their skill development. TOCA is for every player.

A Phased Approach

Every 6-session Pathway has a phased approach. Each session in the pathway is divided into well-defined phases or “focuses”, with each one dependent on the completion of the previous one.

As the Player progresses through a Pathway they are building confidence with a variety of skills. It’s a logical approach to training that is based on technical building blocks. We begin with simplified game situations before adding complex ones.

Who Will You Become?

Each Pathway offered by TOCA is built around a “theme”. Your Trainer will progress through different Pathway options as your player’s needs develop.

Whoever you want to become on the field, Player Pathways will get you there. Choose your first Pathway below.

The Future | Foundational Skills

The Future is a blank slate, ready to get the gears turning. This pathway focuses on the mechanics and techniques of the game to create confidence on the ball and a love for the game.

The Dragon | Core Skills

The Dragon has a flame inside and is ready to start a fire. This pathway builds on your kindling inside to develop more confidence and technical mastery of core skills, so you’re ready to set aflame to the field.

The Magician | Technical Mastery

Now you see it, now I’m 6 yards past you with the ball. The Magician has complete control over their every move, so no one can be one step ahead. This Pathway creates habits of greater speed, composure, and decision making, so no one will see what’s coming next.

The Maestro | Game Awareness

The game is an art, and The Maestro has finessed it. From game-like decision-making to awareness of the field, this Pathway teaches you the strategy you need to master the art of the game.

The Hunter | Attack Minded

The Hunter is composed, aware, and can switch on a dime to attack. This Pathway helps you transition from defensive to attacking situations, creating opportunities to finish with the confidence of The Hunter.

The Finisher | Goal Scoring

The Finisher takes every chance that comes their way. Nothing will stop them in their relentless quest for goals. This pathway will teach you everything needed to become the most lethal finisher around.

The Spider | Goalkeeping

The Spider has eyes on everything and knows exactly how to stop anything that comes their way with unmatched control. This pathway teaches you how to make every stop and build awareness to be a threat on the field.

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