We all know that the players across our community, as well as across the world, have sorely missed their on field time and that they are all waiting for the opportunity to get back to playing. We know that a lot of clubs have provided their players with different tools, outlets, and programs to keep them busy but we are excited that we can offer them a low-density, safe environment where they can work on their skills through our game-like situational training.

We are super excited to be opening all of our B.C. facilities on Tuesday, May 19th. The TOCA team has been working hard to make sure the facilities are updated to our new operating standards.

We’ve all been away from the game, and most of us aren’t as sharp as we’d like to be. We’re excited to bring everyone back up to speed quickly, TOCA can provide all the quality touches you’ve missed in just a few sessions.

We’ve also written an update here detailing all the safety and health measures we’re taking to create a safe environment.

As a valued club in the community, we are here to support during this time where innovative training solutions are needed. Feel free to pass this on to your members and friends as TOCA is a place for everyone to enjoy!

We are offering all local clubs the ability to use the centres as TOCA members. Any player who has not experienced individual TOCA training has a free kick-off session! Furthermore, all players get to train on member pricing during May. Book in for 6 sessions and get the 6th session for free!

Please click the button below and you will be placed on a priority list and someone will reach out soon!

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