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Take your development seriously with a focused approach that supports your student-athlete schedule and let us take you to the next level. We provide P.E. credits (4) for students through the TOCA training model at TOCA Canada.

Athlete Prep Program

For 14-18 Year Olds


Through the Student Athlete Prep Program we provide P.E. credits (4) for students through the TOCA training model at TOCA Canada. The SAPP is held in partnership with the Richmond Virtual School Board; a public, online school platform that any students in grades 10-12 can take.

Low-impact, injury free training model
With the TOCA setting we can increase repetitions while decreasing energy output. With the use of short pile, rubberless indoor turf, TOCA Canada pitches decreases harmful friction and wear-and-tear on the players body. Accompanied by the use of flat soled shoes, the player will further minimize the chance of injury that is so common on regular, artificial turf. The platform is designed to allow the player to train with TOCA at 1:45pm and join a team session later in the day without overloading the body. In utilizing the low-impact setting, the SAPP is the perfect additive to increase soccer repetition without the risk of overuse injury.

Technical and Situational Development through TOCA
Check out the below videos on training with TOCA

No matter what school calendar rotation you are held to, the SAPP will fit your schedule. SAPP sessions run between 2-3pm, Monday-Thursday, making it possible for students to get the last block of their schedule off on specific days within the week. Athletes are required to select and join 2 (minimum) to 4 (maximum) sessions a week.

Richmond Virtual School (RVS) is a Distributed Learning secondary school which opened in 2007. RVS uses a successful blended model of online and face-to-face interactions to deliver high quality and dynamic learning opportunities. The learning model works well for high-level athletes who are interested in creating more time to train by obtaining their Physical Education credits through a sport specific training program.

This online Physical Education course provides the opportunity for students, involved in high performance training, to receive secondary school PE credit by completing over 100 hours of PE activities in an arrangement with TOCA Canada and the Richmond Virtual School for a total of (4) Credits. Students acquire their physical activity hours by documenting their training program at TOCA Canada and through there club training and games. Students considering this course must be highly motivated and prepared to work to their maximum potential in each class.

The program registration and costs are encompassed with the session rates. Signing up and registering for the program is costless. Once accepted, we will connect about the monthly plan to support the best periodized training schedule possible for your development. Athletes are required to pre-select and join a minimum of 2 sessions a week, to a maximum of 4 sessions a week. The cost per session is $40. Billing is completed monthly throughout the course length.

Registration forms and supporting documentation must be completed online and submitted to RVS.

P.E. Course Registration Link (4 Credit Course)

Supporting Documents
Proof of status in Canada (ONE of the following) – Birth Certificate, Passport,
Proof of BC Residency (ONE of the following) – Property Tax Assessment, Mortgage
Academic Records – Transcript of grades or latest report card to satisfy prerequisites
Permanent Resident Card or Study Permit (international student)
Documentation or Rental Agreement, Local Utility Invoice, or BC Drivers Licence

Sent to and cc Once submitted TOCA Canada will support with the approval and acceptance of your application.

TOCA Canada
Lucas Mens – General Manager
PH: 604-354-8668

RVS Contact Information
Julia Lee – Administrative Assistant
PH: 604-668-6371
FAX: 778-329-6301

What if I am not a Richmond district student?
The SAPP is provided to students across the lower mainland. You can join from any public or private district.

How can I join PE 10 as a grade 9 student?
Grade 9 students can sign up to take P.E. 10 in grade 9. Talk to your academic advisor about your options.

My P.E. block is not the last block of my schedule, how can I still join?
It is your choice to change your schedule so that you can attend the courses you desire. Go to your school advisor once you are signed up and registered and let them know your needs to have 1:30pm onwards time-slots available on whatever days suitable.

Will this course be on by official transcript?
Yes, this course goes on your official B.C. transcript just like any other in school or online course.

What is RVS?
Richmond Virtual School (RVS) is a Distributed Learning secondary school open to students from any school district in BC.

RVS takes place both online and face-to-face in order to deliver quality and dynamic learning opportunities. The learning model works well for high-level athletes who are interested in creating more time to train in the sport they are interested in.

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