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Looking to play and socialize? Find a fitting evening or event for you or your team to come play your game! 

TOCA Leagues

Community meets soccer at TOCA Leagues. Grab your friends to build a team or let us help you find the perfect teammates – no matter your age or skill level. 

Location: TOCA Langley

Seasons:  6-10 week seasons throughout the year

Format: 5-a-side (4 outfield + 1 Goalkeeper)

League Types: Men’s and Women’s

1-Day Tournaments

Covid-19: suspended until further notice

1-Day tournaments are a fun way to get back together with the mates, play a few games, and see if you still got it! 😉 Most of our adult tournaments are on late nights after work, or during holiday periods when you and your friends have time off to enjoy!

1-Day Winter 5-A-Side Smasher – get back together with the mates, play a few games, and see if you still got it!

About this Event

Our 1-day adult tournaments comprise of 3 round games, semi-finals, and finals. Overall each team will play a guaranteed minimum of 3x 30mins games, in and out in 3-6hrs. We like to keep things light, but we do use futsal refs to make sure everything is inline.

Player On: 5-A-Side Pitches

Divisions: Men’s D1-2 & U21

Prize list – Each tournament has a sponsor and prizes will be awarded, usually adult sodas and food!

  • Best Goal
  • Best Uniforms
  • Fairplay Award
  • Champions

Hosted at: TOCA Canada Langley


Any private group of players and/or teams can book the TOCA Canada fields, pitches, or courts. If you have a group that wants to have their own night of play (or league) let us know and we can help you set up your ideal experience.

Soccer Fields | 5-A-Side

Futsal Courts | 5-A-Side & Multi-Sport

Cage Pitches | 3-A-Side

Prices are based on the timeslot of the booking, and the longevity of the booking request.


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Quick Booking

Send us a booking request and we will get back to you on the availability. For the live availability of a program, please book online.