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TOCA Canada

At TOCA, we love and respect the game of soccer. Because of this passion, we saw an opportunity to make the game even better. Get ready for an experience where soccer training culture and technology meet!


“TOCA” means Touch.

Touch is your ability to control the soccer ball, particularly your first touch. A “toca toca” style of play is characterized by short passing ball movement, working the ball with exceptional control and feel, something unachievable without great “touch.” TOCA was created as a game-changing approach to developing touch and other critical skills for players at all levels. Our technology allows players to efficiently test various techniques and target specific areas of training through specialized exercises. This mistake-friendly environment builds confidence and skill. Combined with our training centers, athletes can immerse themselves in a soccer experience unlike any other.

It all started with a tennis ball and a garage.

While a scholarship athlete at UCLA, Eddie looked for ways to improve his game faster. When he learned that the UCLA Bruins basketball team practiced shooting into a smaller-size rim, he realized he could achieve the same benefits by practicing his soccer touch with a smaller ball. After that, he took thousands of reps with a tennis ball against industrial garages in West LA.

This small-is-harder methodology was making him better faster, and it was his secret weapon to outpacing the competition. Little did he know that he was on the verge of developing a soccer training experience like no other.

This secret is what TOCA calls our “small-ball philosophy.” It gives individual players the ability to train themselves in a variety of ways, in a fun environment, so they can empower their game and find their best.


Canada's Home for soccer culture

TOCA Canada provides a home where soccer culture and technology meet. We relate to a modern generation through innovative tech with TOCA training which allows for individual development. Through first class coaching and our contemporary setting, TOCA Canada is the hub for players of all ages to enjoy, improve, and play.

Stay out of the rain, play year round, and enjoy your game at TOCA Canada. #PlayYourGame

Team TOCA Canada

16 September 2017:   Vancouver Whitecaps FC host Columbus Crew SC on Bell Pitch in BC Place Stadium in Vancouver, BC, Canada. ****(Photo by Bob Frid - Vancouver Whitecaps 2017 - All Rights Reserved)***



Vancouverite, Former Team Canada, Vancouver Whitecaps FC, FSV Mainz 05, and SF Siegen 1899 Player. UEFA A Licensed Coach. President and Director of TOCA Canada.




B.C. Local, Former Team Canada, Borussia Mönchengladbach, Hertha Berlin SC, Eintracht Frankfurt, 1860 München and LA Galaxy Player. CEO and Sports Director at Pacific FC.




Vancouverite, Former Team Canada, Blackpool FC, Hereford FC and SF Siegen 1899 Player. National A Licensed Coach currently coaching with Whitecaps F.C.




Born in Frankfurt, Germany and raised in North Vancouver. Former Whitecaps FC, Ebbsfleet, Wormatia Worms, and Kickers Offenbach GK. UEFA Licensed Coach and General Manager of TOCA Canada.

Modern Development

TOCA Training is lead by our directing team alongside our training staff. TOCA training allows the trainers to focus on player attributes and support development while using the TOCA machines to provide match realistic scenarios. Our TOCA Canada Science brand is constantly looking to push forward with modern training, this is built on the foundation of utilizing the augmented training spaces. Our focus is on player growth through quality repetition and cognitive awareness training.

TOCA training enhances the number of quality touches with personal trainer guidance to vastly speed up development. By nature, the TOCA machine has no personality, therefore you create the positive environment you desire without external influence. The versatility of the augmented game-like environment allows players to focus on core skill areas in a short amount of time. The machines use audio cues to trigger the player to react/move prior to receiving. The integration of visual cues enhances the environments development benefits.

Play Hard

We get the balance right. We work hard but we PLAY hard too and always remember to have FUN!

Care Deeply

We look out for one another and make decisions that help everyone to THRIVE. We know that when people feel CARED for, they connect. We don’t judge, we support and encourage. We embrace differences and welcome everyone in to our circle, our community.

Grow Together

We make a commitment not just to ourself, but to those around us. We are one UNITED team. We are a FAMILY. We look for opportunities to help one another and we never give up until we achieve TOGETHER. Together we are stronger, together we are TOCA.

Strive For Excellence

We strive to be better everyday. We NEVER SETTLE, we persist, raising the bar inch by inch. Results matter just as much as building lasting relationships and an exceptional community. Mediocre is too bland, ok is not ok. "Quitters never win and winners never quit."

Create Awesome Experiences

We create AWESOME experiences! We actively LISTEN, we emotionally CONNECT and we THINK outside the box. We are EMPOWERED to be creative and daring. We create memories, we enhance moments, we provide our community with opportunities to experience AWESOMENESS at every turn.


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